Community Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Community Assistance Fund is to respond to the short-term needs of non-profit agencies headquartered in Beaumont, Texas.

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Community Assistance Grants Awarded

Twice each year the Junior League of Beaumont offers a Community Assistance Fund (CAF) Grant for non-profits in the community to apply. It is one of the many ways in which the Junior League of Beaumont gives back to the community. This Fall, we are excited to announce several recipients that will benefit from The Junior League of Beaumont Community Assistance Fund (CAF) Grant.

Christus Health Foundation of Southeast Texas – Every year, 3,500 babies in the U.S. dies from SIDS or other sleep related injuries. In an effort to promote safe infant sleeping, Christus Health Foundation of Southeast Texas is offering Pack N Plays for families in need and who meet eligibility requirements. The Junior League of Beaumont is happy to assist in providing funds in the amount of $2,500 for the purchase of Pack N Plays to ensure infants are provided a safe place to sleep.

Marshall Middle School – STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) concepts are best taught through doing. Marshall Middle School offers a Makerspace for their middle school students, allowing them to have an educational experience that will promote innovative and analytical thinkers. The Junior League of Beaumont is ecstatic to be a part of this pilot program by providing $1,800 for 3D printers to enhance the educational experience.

Spindletop Center – Spindletop Center is a non-profit healthcare organization specializing in behavioral healthcare, intellectual and developmental disabilities and substance use disorders for each stage of life. With their Supportive Housing Program, Spindletop Center assist individuals who are homeless or imminently homeless in providing safe housing. The Junior League of Beaumont welcomes individuals in their new homes by provide $2,500 in funding for the purchase of move-in kits.

United Board of Missions – In 2017, United Board of Missions assisted over 9,356 individuals in the Beaumont and Port Arthur communities. Since 1973, they have provided food to the elderly and disabled with their Meals on Wheels Program. The Junior League of Beaumont is pleased to be able to assist the United Board of Missions in their efforts by offering $1,500 for the purchase of food items.

Young Americans Overseas – Since 2014, Young Americans Overseas has offered housing and other services to veterans in need. Young Americans Overseas gives support to veterans returning home from serving our country and need assistance in re-launching into the community. Their housing complex sustained damage during Harvey and volunteers are working hard to complete repairs. The Junior League of Beaumont is proud to be able to offer $2,000 in funds to purchase wall heaters in the housing complex.

In Spring 2019, the Junior League of Beaumont is prepared to award over $29,000 in grants to qualifying organizations in the community. If you are interested or know of an organization that would benefit, please contact the CAF Grant Chair, Nicole MacCallum at or 361-813-9282.

The application and more information can be found at the following:


The CAF Grant Committee would like to thank all those involved in making these contributions to the community possible. We look forward to Spring 2019 CAF Grant applicants!