Community Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Community Assistance Fund is to respond to the short-term needs of non-profit agencies headquartered in Beaumont, Texas.

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Community Assistance Grants Awarded

Boy’s Haven of America, Inc
Boys’ Haven was chartered in 1945, as a non- profit residential facility, for boys in need of nurturing & inspiration. Through the years, our community, have helped to provide a safe haven, rich in a tradition of caring, meeting both the spiritual & emotional needs of boys, while providing a secure & enriching environment…a place to call home! Financial Assistance was granted for household items, clothing and all major necessities for the children residing in the home.

Commitment to Caring
The organization provides a safe, affordable place to live while restoring dignity, respect and independence to the poor, elderly, disable or lonely. The Boarding Home is a single family structure house that has shared bathrooms and bedrooms. The bathrooms are of the size, shape, & number to meet the needs of all Residents. The living room, dining room, reading or game rooms are for common use. A laundry room or service is provided. There is a house monitor on site at all times. Medications are locked in a provided space. Financial assistance was granted for emergency repair to the aeration sewer system at the boarding home.

Fire Museum of Texas
The purposes of the Fire Museum of Texas Association, Inc. are to support the restoration of the 1927 Beaumont Central fire station, to promote the development of its collections,and to encourage the use and enjoyment of the Fire Museum of Texas by the public for research and educational purposes. Financial assistance was granted to support school tours while teaching lifesaving activities to children including fire safety.

Nutrition & Services for Seniors
Nutrition & Services for Seniors is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing innovative, effective programs that assist older adults in leading quality lives while maintaining dignity and independence. Financial assistance was granted to purchase 30 coolers and 40 utility carts to transport meals to seniors.

Young Audiences of Southeast Texas
The philosophy of Young Audiences of Southeast Texas is that art is at the center of quality education, and by repeating the cycle of exposure, understanding and involvement, we can help to provide students with lifelong resources of enriching arts and educational experiences, and with unique opportunities to develop an awareness of cultural history and diversity. Financial assistance granted for art supplies for children.

YWCA of Beaumont
YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Financial assistance was granted to pay for weekly refreshments for 50 students and volunteers for the DIAL Math Enrichment program.

The ARC of Greater Beaumont
The Arc is people – people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), parents and other family members, and friends of people with IDD and professionals who work with them. The Arc is a grassroots organization with 140,000 members who are affiliated through approximately 1,000 state and local chapters across the nation. Financial assistance was granted for funding for the ASD Adult Social Club including promotional materials, refreshments, activities, and program facilitators.

Girls Haven
Girls’ Haven seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment for girls affected by physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, exploitation or severe family dysfunction. Our only priority is to promote and enhance the quality of life for girls in need. Financial assistance granted for social outings and summer activities for teen girls to provide normal childhood experiences.

H.O.W. Center
The center provides a safe and structured living environment for individuals recovering from addiction while they gain the skills they need to live independently and successfully. Men completing treatment for an addiction, men being released from incarceration, men living on the streets or anyone enduring a life-altering event are appropriate for residency. Financial assistance was granted to purchase 8 bicycles to provide transportation for residents to get to and from work so they can work towards financial independence.

Stable Spirit
Stable-Spirit is a nonprofit organization providing EAD or Equestrian Assisted Psychotherapy to youth and adults with a special interest in providing mental health services to people experiencing the affects of crime, crisis, trauma, and other issues that may put them at risk. Stable-Spirit also works with families and groups to best support the needs of the clients. Financial assistance was granted for the purchase of a laptop for record keeping purposes.