Junior League of Beaumont

The Junior League of Beaumont is a group of women reflecting a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and professional pursuits, working together to identify unmet needs in our community and work for change. We reach out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in, and commitment to, volunteerism.

We offer extensive training in areas such as leadership and organizational development, community needs assessment, strategic planning, communications, advocacy and fundraising. We offer our members fellowship, leadership development and meaningful opportunities to strengthen the community through volunteering.

The Junior League of Beaumont recognizes the skills of our members and provide opportunities to apply these skills in a supportive organizational structure within the League and within the community.

We are governed by a 12 member Board of Directors and have our committees organized through 5 councils: Communication, Community, Finance, Membership and Planning. Each Council consists of a chair and members working together coordinating their activities. Each council chair is also a member of the Board.

We are rewarded through our involvement in the League with a sense of achievement and satisfaction, in helping, others and friendship and fellowship.

  • Hope for Henderson

    Help our Provisional Class make a big impact in the lives of the teachers and students of Henderson Middle School by purchasing items for the school from their Amazon Wishlist here http://a.co/9GmNwSJ or donating through our “Donate” button in top right of this page to the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you for your support!

  • Main Street Market 2018


    Thursday, November 29, 2018

    Friday, November 30, 2018

    Saturday, December 1, 2018

  • Interested in JLB?

    Each year, the League continues to grow with a new group of provisional members. If you are looking to join an organization that makes a difference in our community, click here.

Women & Children

Our primary focus areas include self esteem for youth, parenting skills and promoting healthy lifestyles. We believe in strengthening families and providing them tools for learning and growth through education.

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