Dancing with the Stars of Southeast Texas


“Save the Date for the Seventh Annual Dancing with the Stars Friday, March 3, 2023” 

Congratulations to our 2022 Mirror Ball Trophy Winners: Kelly Roebuck and Ethan Welch 


And Fan Favorite Winners

Allie Kelley and Dr. Peter Hoang

Thank you to our 2022 Stars and Star Studios!

Our 2022 Stars were:

1) Jessica Hill and John Nickum

Horizons Dance & Gymnastics Center: Cheri Billot


(2) Chelsea Brandimarte and Will Leonard

Bonnie Cokinos School of Dance: Emma Davis


(3) Ava Graves and Aaron Drawhorn

iRule Dance: CharLee Hanna-Rule


(4) Tiffany Neale and Bryan Gaspard

Marsha Woody Academy of Dance: Monique Zummo Steinhagen & Tammy Anderud


(5) Kelly Roebuck and Ethan Welch

The Movement Performing Arts Studio: Brixey Cozad & Summer Tanner


(6) Allie Kelley and Peter Hoang

Exygon Health and Fitness: Haley Layfield Ridley and Kylie Layfield


(7) Latesha Hunter and Marc McDonald

Ashland’s Affirming Arts Studio: Amanda Cogswell and Emmanuel Barron


(8) Stephanie Vanskike and Nicholas Phillips

West Brook Stars: Courtnie Mercer


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