Abolish Project Approved

The Junior League of Beaumont is excited to announce that the Abolish Project was proposed and approved as a new community project at the end of this past League year. The approved project proposal is included below. For more information and to get involved with this project, please contact Project Committee Chair Laura Rush at lam0486@gmail.com.

The mission of the ABOLISH committee is to work in
collaboration for the best interests of victims/survivors of
human sex trafficking. The committee provides support to help
Harvest House in their mission of providing a safe environment
for long-term care, rehabilitation, and healing for victims of sex

The project’s vision is to promote awareness, advocacy and
action for victims of human trafficking.

· To mentor the victims/survivors of human sex trafficking.
· To assist Harvest House in their mission of providing advocacy
for and services to victims/survivors of human sex trafficking.

· Project Chair: The Project Chair will work directly with the
Program director of Harvest House in Beaumont to coordinate
activities with the victims and activities to support Harvest
House in their mission and vision of their organization.
· Project Co-Chair: The Project Co-Chair assists the Project
Chair to coordinate activities and planning events for volunteer
· 2 to 4 Mentors/Committee Members: The Project Chair
and other JLB committee members will be required to havebackground checks and attend orientation training on
human trafficking awareness.
· General Membership: Opportunities to receive training,
to volunteer and assist the Harvest House will be available
for general membership in which background checks and
training will not be required.

The Project Chair, Mentors, and directors of Harvest House
will set the times of the educational/mentoring events.
These events will be various times, including weekdays,
weeknights, and weekends.

Approximately $50,000 will be given for the initial
investment in assisting the Harvest House. This will
help with their infrastructure and security upgrades for
their facility, ensuring the safety and privacy of victims,
employees and volunteers. It will also allow for other
updates required for the Harvest House, which will provide
victims/survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and
sex trafficking with safe, nurturing emergency services,
assessment, 24/7 support, and linkages with community
programs resulting in family reunification or alternative
positive living arrangements.
Also, a $2,000 or $5,000 programming budget for the
project will be set aside annually to assist with educational
programs and events for the Harvest House clients.